Sunday, September 19, 2010


It seems like as a music teacher, you have to wear many hats besides just a teacher and director. You have to be a planner, an accountant, a librarian,  and the list just goes on and on. ututti  is an online web2.0 organizational tool for music teachers. This program is designed specifically for the music teacher in mind with all the key features that a director would need to use. When I first saw this, my jaw dropped. Where was this tool when I started teaching three years ago? Whoever designed this tool is a lifesaver! I truly believe if I need to spend my own money to purchase this Web2.0 tool then I will. This tool places all my information for everything imaginable in one place. This would be a tool that could definitely save me a lot of stress and time in the long run. (Being a director, all your time is valuable time).

This tool offers so many features that I could write pages upon pages about it. I will pick out some of the key features. First of all, you have a student management database, which allows you to add every student within your music program and categorize by grade level and ensemble. This main part of the program allows you to keep together grades, contact information, fee and account information as well as assigned inventory. By using this program, each student has access to their own personal account in which they can see all their personal information and fundraising accounts as well as grades. There is a large section in this program for finances and fundraisers, which is where I spend a lot of my extra time trying to organize. By using this program, I could keep all my information in one place without having multiple files across my desktop. This would be an easy way for me to keep track of each student’s account as well as allow the student to have access to this information for his or her own personal knowledge. One last great feature of ututti is the calendar feature. By creating this calendar, I can post all the rehearsals for each ensemble and information about the rehearsals. This could really come in handy during Musical time at my school. By being an online program, students can once again access this calendar online and view what dates and time they need to be at rehearsal.

I could not believe this site. I really think buying this program will save me so much stress in the long run. I am going to try the free 30 day trail and see if I like it. If I do, I would not spending the $175 for a one year subscription to keep myself sane!

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