Monday, September 20, 2010

Week 3 Practical Experience- iMovie

For my practical experience I really wanted to dig in a little deeper to iMovie. I had never used this program before coming to Full Sail and I really did not think I would get the hang of it. I was really shocked about how easy it was to put in title screens and transitions to make it a professional looking product. It was simple enough in put in the video feed but I really wanted to dig deeper into making my videos flawless. I know its gonna take a while for that to happen but hopefully it will come little by little. I plan on using quite a bit to learn the small ins and outs of this program. Click here to see a video I did not too long ago over one of our band shows. Nothing special about it but I was working on adding background music at the beginning and making as smooth as transitions as i could. I shortened the clip so you would not have to see the whole band show.

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