Sunday, September 26, 2010

Week 4 Practical Experience Post 2-Flash

As I begin to dig further into Flash, I know I haven't quite gotten the hang of everything but it starting to make a little more sense to me. What makes it really nice with I can use the exercise files that accompany the videos and do some of the exercises right along with the presenter. This makes it nice for me because I can follow along with what he is doing but use my own creativity to change it a little bit and add my own personal touch. I think the one thing that is really going to be hard for me with using flash is the creative part. I can do something on the computer using the Flash program with no problems; it is figuring out what to do to make it a creative, professional looking movie. A lot of times I would not think to have different layers move into a blur and out of a blur or have certain words rotate. It's a new idea to me and I think as I continue to learn new ideas I hope to store those and start to put those ideas into practice into my own projects. I am getting really excited about Month 6 when we will actually be using Flash. It amazes me on what I can do with this program and I'm sure it will amaze my students and co-workers as well!

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