Sunday, April 17, 2011

Comment #1-Week 3 Sarah Baker-Dykes

Week 3 | Blog 3 | Response to Reading

"The more attention you shine on a particular subject, the more evidence of it will grow. Attention is like light and air and water. Shine attention on obstacles and problems and they multiply lavishly." -Zander

This quote really stuck with me because how simplistic and true it is. It ties into the idea seeing the glass half empty or half full. From personal experience, I have found this quote to ring true. Days that I feel overwhelmed and really stressed, I take a minute to step back and analyze what's stressing me out. Once I pinpoint the circumstances that are overwhelming me, I try to point out the positive side. For example, my husband is currently remodeling the kitchen and every appliance and utensil is scattered about our family room. At first, I was very overwhelmed by all of the disorganization and it was really starting to bother me; but then I thought, "My kitchen is a wreck and I can't cook anything, but I can order take out and have more time to work on my homework for the week." Casting a positive light on my current situation, helped relieve the tension and stress I had about the kitchen. 

Comment to Sarah, 

It really seems like during this time of the year, we get stressed out more. We are all (teachers included) counting down the days to summer vacation. I am right there with you on the disorganization problems. March and April were busy months for me with our Musical being those months, me moving into a new place, my office at school being moved because of remodeling, and taking my students to Florida, I easily got stressed out because it seemed that I had no firm grasp on what was going on. By taking small steps, and going through things one at a time, I had more time to focus on each individual thing rather than all at once. Sometimes I really try to multitask too much and I get bogged down with everything. By taking them one at a time, I can get it done more efficiently. Here's to the rest of the school year for you and to graduation for us as well! Best of Luck! 

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