Sunday, April 10, 2011

Wimba Session-Week 2

It seems I will never get a firm grasp of all the dealing with Copyright laws. Yes, I have a pretty firm understanding and knowledge, but so many grey regions lie within the parameters of Copyright. There are sites out there, like creativecommons and music sharing sites, where you can post your creations and allow others to use it for their own use. Not only are these great sites to use, but they offer some grey areas as well. When using you have to pay attention as to the rules the creator has set up. Can you alter the creation at all, how do you give credit, etc. All these little details make Copyright so important. Another grey area is Fair Use. It was great to hear the discussion on Fair Use. Fair Use is something that protects both the creator and the user of that piece of media. Even with the stipulations of Fair Use and how it can be used, there will be questions that are brought up with how much is too much, and when does a parody become too close like the original. I always wondered how parodies of music worked and how artists were able to do such a thing. Brings a topic to my mind about covering music, what are the rules on that? I guess I will have to go do some more research to figure that part out.

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  1. And you seem to already have a pretty good handle on where to begin...