Friday, April 22, 2011

Week 4 Comment #2-Jason Peglow

EDM613 Wk4, post 1: Reading - Art of Possibility chp 9-12

Photo by Jason Peglow
Yet again, I was tremendously inspired by The Zanders' Art of Possibility and the last five chapters. Each brought up so many ideas and comments as I read through them, but chapter nine - Lighting a Spark - resonated the most with me. After completing my Action Research Project on motivating students to write I really connected with the idea of sparking interest in something is the first step to convincing those same people to try something new and/or to try harder as well. My ARP introduced a bunch of unmotivated student writers, who had expressed much displeasure in traditional writing instruction, to new forms of writing like blogging, glogging, etc., and they were writing up a storm with little if any acknowledgment of the amount of writing they were actually doing. Here were kids who said at the start that they hated writing, and many of them were now going home and writing at night or writing more than the required length, or asking when they could go down to the computer lab so they could write again. All that it takes is a spark and some encouragement and you'll get a full blown fire!


It really seems that chapter 9 hit home with a lot of people especially at this time in the school year. We are all bogged down with teaching for an entire year and some of us are looking forward to summer break as much as the kids are. Chapter nine really brought back why I choose to go into teaching. If we are the ones to light that spark, just think of the fire that could be produced down the line. If we share our passion with our students, and they continue sharing that passion, then we not only have influenced one student but many. It's awesome to hear that your ARP worked out so well to motivate students. Good luck in Month 12!!!

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