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Week 4 Comment #1-Britni Hendrickson

Week 4 Reading Post Chap 9-12

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Lighting a spark to me should be every passionate teacher's goal! Looking back over the years I was in school, it is was apparent to me the teachers that truly had passion and patience where the teachers who impacted my life the most! I think it is so important to be able to get students sparked and just allow them the environment to foster their flame! Often times, we can feel frustrated because we have so many students, and we are afraid that they all aren't going to up to speed or remember or understand, but sometimes if we just focus on making an impact on one or two each day, then we will have reached them all at some point during the year! (It reminds me of the starfish story about the man walking on the beach and throwing one starfish back in the water at a time. He knew that every one he picked up, was one more that might survive.)
Chapter 9 definitely gave me a new perspective on handling/dealing or avoiding problems that may occur. I am very much a "people pleaser," I don't want to make others upset. I want people to be happy, smile and just enjoy life! But lets be real, not everyone feels the same way. If I am the "board" then I am designing how I want things to play out, a concept which I never really thought about, but must say, think is an interesting perspective. There is always going to be conflict, there is always going to be someone who doesn't like me or the way that I handle things. How can I please everyone? Well, I can't, but if I find a way to deal with the confrontation and handle the situation fairly, then sometimes that is the best I can do.
I also liked the steps that to the practice of framing possibility in  the 11th chapter. Making new distinctions, entering into the territory, and distinguishing what the focus is are all so important to creating and assessing "possiblities."

I really felt like this book was refreshing and couldn't have come at a better time in this curriculum. It is a great addition to my virtual library shelf.


I am right there with you about lighting a spark. It really makes me think about what the purpose of teaching is and why I went into teaching. I really can recall numerous teachers who have had such an impact on me throughout the years and even still today. The care they had for me really shaped me to be the man I am today. It's incredible how much time and how close you can get to your students when you see them everyday. I take joy in building upon the relationships I have with my students and hope to be a positive influence on them. Sometimes school is the only place where these kids get positive influences and i want to make sure I am there for those kids. Good Luck next month and see you at Graduation!

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