Sunday, April 17, 2011

Reading Week #3

I really loved reading this week. Being a conductor myself, I really could relate to these stories and loved hearing them. This book is such a great read. Not so much a lot of knowledge and content but sometimes a pick me up, sometimes full of insightful ideas. Right not I really needed to read about the rule of 6. It's getting close to our Spring Concert and I find myself getting stressed with that, college work, and Graduation for the HS seniors. All of these things are coming together quickly and I need to remember to play it cool and just relax. It always falls into place every year. So just like the executive put the rule of 6 in his office, I put a poster with a "6" on my piano as a reminder. When I feel myself getting too stressed, I look at that and remember the story. Take things as they come and don't be so stressed in life. It really works and will usually bring a smile to my face.

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  1. wonderful, it's so good to be able to keep perspective on things... rule 6 helps.