Sunday, April 3, 2011

Wimba Week 1 MAC

So it's been September since I've used this blog but since this Month 11 Class really integrates using blogs, I have opened up this blog back up to use it. Well after March being so crazy, I was looking forward to being able to get back into viewing Wimba sessions in April, but that was not the case. So after viewing the Wimba session for Week 1archvive, I really got a good foundation on what this month is all about. It was nice to get a great outline of what we are doing this month to get a good road map of where we are going.

There was a lot of information presented on the AR project. It was really nice to see that all of our hard work the past months is starting to come together and finally making all sense. I'm glad to have been able to go through assignment by assignment to see what is going to be due and when. It's nice when I know in advance the whole month so I can really plan around my busy schedule of concerts, trips, and other events that pop up in my schedule. After viewing the archive of the Wimba session, I have most of my questions answered about the AR project because some of my fellow classmates had the exact same questions. I'm really looking forward to putting the final touches on my AR project and seeing where this can take me in the future.

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  1. welcome to month 11 edm613, watch your step...