Sunday, April 17, 2011

Comment #2-Week 3 Everett Jones

Week 3, Free Post

The overall wimba experience and online class environment has been an interesting experience. However at this point I wouldn't mind sitting in a classroom to learn.  I like the ease of being able to visit my instructor's office in person.  Speaking online or over the phone doesn't get me the help that I personally seek.  For example, when I seek advice or editing help for a paper, meeting in skype doesn't give me the same feel and security as it would in person.  As I am a visual learner, it is more convenient to get the help that I need in person. 

I'd likely contribute more in a classroom environment than I have during a wimba session.  I still have to get used to that whole idea.  Don't misunderstand me.  Its been an interesting  learning experience, but I'd just prefer to take a book to class, sit down and learn after this long and great year. 

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