Saturday, April 23, 2011

Wimba Week 4-Sharing my Project with Critical Friends

photo by akeg
Since I was unable to attend the Wimba session this week due to numerous events taking place such as track meets, spring concerts, rehearsals and etc, I had to share my Final Project presentation with my critical friends. This actually worked out well for me because I had some downtime during school to sit with one of my critical friends and share my project. My sister was also home on break and was able to sit down with me and go over my final project and then I shared through emails my project with my last critical friend Leland from AZ. It was great to have time to sit down with them and work through my project and how the paper should be laid out. I was really having a hard time deciding what information needed to be put in the paper as well as how to organize it so it had a nice continuing flow. When I sat down with my sister, Christa, to discuss the flow. We really worked on putting together the different sections and allowing the paper to have subtitles that would help explain the flow of the paper and how the cycles were to be laid out. Carla really dug deep into the content of the project and what necessary information I would need to have in my paper. It was important, we felt, to get a strong background of the project with why I was felt it was necessary to complete the project as well as how the project was set up. Leland was great with helping me with the fine tuning of the paper. He's really good at proofreading the paper and finding even the smallest mistakes in my paper in regards to grammar and punctuation. Overall, I think I came out with a great project. There are a couple of spots I want to look over again just to make sure it has a great flow. I plan on doing that this next coming week on my week off that way it will be ready to go to submit during month 12. I couldn't have done it without my critical friends and the help and support of all my classmates along the way. Thanks guys and here's to a great month 12!!!

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